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1919 Geneva Daily Times

22 Jan Thomas MC LOUGHLIN injured by shotgun fired by a playmate, Charles DILBY.
10 Apr Chief of Police Daniel KANE severely injured by fall down stairs in City Hall.
16 Apr Frederick ALBRO drowned in Brook's Pond, north of this city.
23 Apr LeRoy YOUNGS, telephone lineman, killed by contact with live wire.
31 May Martin TRAVERS drowned in the Cayuga and Seneca Canal.
2 June Five people, Stephen S. FREEBORN, Mrs. Stephen FREEBORN, Flody FREEBORN of Geneva, Mrs. Myron H. SNYDER of Gorham and Arthur M.THOMAS of Adams NY, killed in grade crossing accident at McDougall.
4 June Carey A. WHITAKER killed by Pennsylvania Division train near Radiator Corporation plant.
18 June Abraham FIELDS killed by high voltage electric current near local plant of Empire Gas and Electric Company.
11 Sep Loreta TARANTELLI shoots his wife, Mary TARANTELLI and friend Rocco DIANINO. Dianino died the following evening. Mary Tarantelli recovered.
3 Oct Henry J. SULLIVAN killed by fall from trestle in the yards of the Ontario Coal Company.
7 Oct Thomas HIGGINS killed and Police Captain Elmer MERRY, Patrolman Aenos McDONALD and Frank A. McCORMICK injured when automobile turns turtle on Canandaigua turnpike near Flint.
15 Oct John W. McCARTHY electrocuted by high potential wire on Lewis Street.
19 Nov James E. BROWN and Hidrico ZEGA killed when automobile of T. H. CHEW hit truck of Geneva Preserving Company on Canandaigua turnpike near Bean's Hill.
28 Nov David S. PROSSER injured when the Fairfax Bros. delivery car was struck by a train near Clifton Springs.
12 Dec Jeremiah McCARTHY, conductor on Pennsylvania Division, killed by falling down the cellar stairs at his home in Corning.
12 Dec Charles PROBASCO killed by falling down elevator shaft in Rochester.

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