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Gleanings from 1918 Geneva Daily Times>

1918 Geneva Daily Times

7 Jan Miss Emma M. Robson committed suicide by shooting herself through the temple.
22 Feb Geo. Gilbert knocked down by automobile.
23 Feb Boat houses crushed by expanding ice.
30 Mar John Timms committed suicide by cutting his throat.
17 June L. C. Isenman received broken nose in automobile collision on Lake street.
23 June Guy Dutton committed suicide by inhaling illuminating gas.
18 July Dominic Charles, Geneva Italian, murdered near Batavia.
27 July Genevieve Lewis and Gordon Young injured in automobile accident.
30 July John Enright killed while working in railroad yard at DeWitt.
18 Aug Car of Frederick W. Herendeen seriously damaged by trailer which became detached from a motor truck on Flint Road.
19 Oct Team of Nelson Vogt injured at Seneca Castle crossing.
24 Oct Mrs. William F. Clark, High street, severely injured by falling down stairs.
29 Oct Bugler Francis Murphy and John P. Sullivan seriously injured in auto accident.
12 Nov Charles J. Driscoll seriously injured while responding to fire in Frank Dwyer's ice house.
25 Nov Miss Eunice Canfield injured by fall from veranda.
11 Dec Patrolman Aeneas McDonald painfully injured by falling on slippery sidewalk.
17 Dec Arthur T. Carron struck by a motor truck on West Hamilton street.
26 Dec Benjamin Lutz committed suicide by cutting his throat with a razor.
26 Dec Louie Trozzi found dead in Loomis woods.

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