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Gleanings from 1917 Geneva Daily Times>

1917 Geneva Daily Times

2 Jan Lyman VanGelder of Andes Ave. injured by being struck in the eye by a stone thrown by another boy.
3 Jan Irving Wooley injured by being thrown to the floor of an automobile truck in which he was riding. Died on Sunday, Jan 7th.
11 Jan Whole family of Lyman Wheeler of Castle street overcome by gas from parlor stove.
29 Jan Guido Choflin, an Italian boy, killed by being struck by NYC train.
1 Feb Miss Helen Moyer killed in coasting accident at Cornwall NY.
6 Mar Thomas Quinn struck by taxicab and fatally hurt.
19 Mar Edward Hinchey fell in American Hotel and died as result of his injuries.
18 Mar Harold McLaughlin and Chris Larsen injured in auto accident in Seneca County.
23 Mar Three men killed in wreck on the Lehigh Valley railway near Yale Seneca County.
17 June George Howe and Fred Woehner in serious auto accident
21 June Thomas Van Riper of Waterloo, of Co. B, shot himself in leg while doing guard duty at Manchester.
28 June Tony Pallmisano, 6, killed by automobile in Exchange street.
28 June Truck owned by J. H. Beard ran wild down Seneca street and smashed ornamental light post.
7 July Martin Neary struck by automobile at Main and Castle streets and seriously injured.
9 July Dea Cook's taxicab runs over John Gardiner on Washington street.
14 July Charles Brunskill knocked down and seriously injured by automobile on Exchange street.
8 Aug William Goddard of Phelps instantly killed by collision of locomotive in local railroad yards. F. E. Lunstrum also injured.
10 Aug W. J. McMaster struck by train at Lake street crossing and seriously injured.
11 Aug Miss Alice Millerd of Seneca Castle killed in auto accident on Castle street.
17 Aug Herbert C. Michon, Wild West employee, lost both legs when run over by train, and died in hospital.
11 Sep Norma Kimball struck by automobile. Not seriously injured.
13 Dec Henry Taborn committed suicide by hanging himself in cell of police station.
24 Dec Alderman John Michelson held up, assaulted and robbed of $408.

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