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Gleanings from 1916 Geneva Daily Times>

1916 Geneva Daily Times

4 Feb Ray Blackman ran over by car driven by Dr. T. D. Rupert.
30 Mar Rayfield Naylor of Ithaca and Joe Gillam of Geneva drowned in harbor.
8 Apr 15-months-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Silas Gilbert swallowed an open safety pin.
13 Apr Frank Eno killed; Frank Forbes and Patrick Dominick seriously injured by blowing out of the in boiler of Empire Gas and Electric Co.
29 Apr Thomas P. Sharpin of Stanley seriously injured on motorcycle by colliding with automobileat corner of Main and Castle streets.
10 May Miss Adele Murphy of 131 William street seriously injured by stepping from automobile while in motion.
20 May Thomas Rogan injured by being thrown from wagon at rear of City Hall.
23 May Body of Robert Johnson found on beach at foot of Seneca Lake.
24 May Taelleld Dreas and D. Spencer seriously injured in runaway in Evans street.
30 May Rev. Guy P. Burleson drowned in Owasco Lake.
1 June Clark Barnum died as result of injuries received from jumping from freight train in railroad yard.
2 June Mrs. Birt E. Keller slashed by Richard Phillips.
6 June Joe Walker attempted suicide by slashing his throat with a razor.
13 June E. R. Ramsey of Penn Yan killed in automobile accident on Lake Road south of Geneva.
19 June Ernest Greco killed by colliding with an automobile while riding a motorcycle on Lyons Road.
6 July Mrs. Louis P. Fisher seriously injured by fall from third-floor balcony at 332 Exchange stree.
6 July Clement Tiskie dies from injuries sustained by falling from fast Lehigh freight.
10 July Fred Robinson seriously injured when rig in which he was riding was hit by Lehigh train on Naples Branch.
22 July E. J. Winters of Wellsboro PA injured by automobile plunging off temporary bridge over Lake Road bridge.
20 July James Higgins died as result of taking poison.
8 Aug E. L. Fenty of Ithaca was killed and Edwin Kane also of Ithaca was seriously injured by Lehigh Valley train hitting automobile on grade crossing east of city.
13 Aug Glenn Judd of Corfu died at City Hospital from injuries received in being struck by a LehighValley train at Caledonia.
15 Aug George Holcomb drowned in falling from dock at Kashong.
20 Aug A. Nelson Halls committed suicide by hanging himself with a trunk strap at Dayton OH.
20 Aug Joseph W. Chamberlain injured by having his car hit by another car while driving on Lake Road.
4 Sep Automobile driven by Roy Fox of Clifton Springs overturned on the Lyons Road.
8 Sep Body of Michael Moylan found floating in canal near malt house.
10 Sep Arthur Hickman of Lansing MI found on tracks of PA Division with both legs cut off.
20 Sep Patrick McHale, Joe Snow and Joe Sipaugh electrocuted at plant of U. S. Radiator Corporation.
22 Sep Samuel G. Armstrong sustained fractured leg in plant of Geneva Wagon Co.
23 Sep Body of Richard West of Middlebury PA found in harbor near Patent Cereal plant.
3 Nov Body of John Tolan found floating in the canal near the Patent Cereal plant.
22 Dec Robert C. Smith of this city, an express messenger, seriously injured in small wreck at Canandaigua.

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