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Gleanings from 1914-1915 Geneva Daily Times>

1914 Geneva Daily Times

6 Mar James ROSE killed by PA Division train.
6 June Mrs. Catherine SQUIRES burned to death.
18 June Andrew SHEPP burned to death in fire which destroyed barn of Charles SHELANSKY on Lake St.
7 Sep George KNIGHT killed by PA Division train.

1915 Geneva Daily Times

30 Jan Thomas BENTLEY frozen to death.
9 Feb Frank KENNEDY of town of Italy killed near Geneva-Y tower on Lehigh Valley.
14 Mar Harry DILMAN in automobile hit by PA Division passenger train on Junius grade crossing.
8 Mar H. C. HIPPOLITE of Hippolite Corners accidentally shot himself.
13 Apr Lawrence FLOOD and Martin O'HORA on motorcycle collided with automobile driven by James McDONALD at corner of Genesee and Castle Streets.
15 Apr Automobile driven by William HASKINS hit tree on Lyons Rd. Haskins seriously injured.
25 May George HODGSON died from drinking kerosene.
27 June Mr. and Mrs. Charles LANE of Hayt's Corners killed by Black Diamond Express near Ovid.
9 July William SCHROEDER drowned while bathing near Earls.
25 July Joseph MARINA and John PESOTTE drowned in Seneca Lake.
29 July Thomas BARRON burned to death in Lux Hotel fire at Waterloo.
6 Aug John G. CHANEY killed in elevator accident at plant of United States Lens Co.
10 Aug John DEEGAN seriously injured by fall while working on Regent Theater Building.
17 Aug John AUSTIN of Gorham committed suicide by hanging himself in orchard.
28 Aug Benjamin ROGERS of Seneca Falls killed by Lehigh Valley train near Geneva station.
30 Aug Sarah BISHOP of Lima seriously injured in auto accident near Bean's Hill.
31 Aug Philip PROSSER of Branchport injured in auto accident at Bean's Hill.
8 Sep Reuben HAMMOND killed by automobile skidding on Washington Street.
17 Sep Stephen F. SOULE killed by PA Division train.
18 Sep Patrick FLANNERY commits suicide by jumping into Niagara River.
10 Oct Emmeline W. THOMAS injured in auto accident near East Bloomfield.
3 Nov William HUFF killed at plant of Empire Coke Co.
9 Nov Frederick REED injured by runaway horse.
14 Nov Raymond SABATINE stabbed in Italian fray.
16 Nov Frederick FORD and Clifford UTTER injured by fall of Temple marquee.
13 Dec Raymond McINTOSH killed on Lehigh Valley railroad at Stanley.
17 Dec Body of Michael TANNIANwho disappeared six weeks previously floated in lake off Lakeside Park.
29 Dec William WRIGHT of Phelps commits suicide by drinking corrosive sublimate.

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