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Geneva NY Directory 1857-58 ST
Shepard, Frank D. College student
Simpson, M. K. carriage trimmer
Smith, J. M. D. office Seneca e of Main st b. same
Smith, Thomas carriage maker Castle w of Main st h. Castle w of Main st
Smith, John boarding house Main st s of Seneca st
Smith, E. nursery Castle st. w of corporation
Smith, W. T. nursery of E. S. & Co.
Smith, W. N. cl'k for A. D. Platt & Co. b. at John Smith's
Smith, A. B. proprietor of Water Cure
Smith, J.
b. at the Water Cure
Smith, J. W.
b. at the Franklin House
Smith, J. E.
b. at the Franklin House
Smith, Andre carpenter &c. firm of Smith & Gaylord h. Washington w Poultney
Smith, Jane - wid of Stephen S.
h. Washington e Poultney
Smith, Thomas blacksmith Washington w Water Cure h. same
Smith, George carpenter h. Washington w Grove
Smith, George boat captain b. Lake House
Smith, Chester A. C. W. A. Co. h. Geneva s Lewis
Smith, W. H. firm of Smith & Crane book store and bindery; 33 Seneca h. High w Poultney
Smith, J. W. furniture store Seneca e Linden
Slosson, B. att'y & counsellor at law office Prouty's block upstairs h. s w corporation
Squires, Rev. M. P.
h. Avenue w Poultney
Snow, A. B. M. D. office Seneca w Linden h. Seneca
Stanton, Ann - wid of John
h. Main n Seneca
Stanton, Byron cl'k for W. Judson
Stanton, Lewis copper smith h. Castle w of Main st
Stanly, Thomas grocer Water s Franklin House h. same
Sullivan, Thomas teamster h. Water s Franklin House
Sullivan, Michael teamster h. Main; Washington
Scott, Robert pedler for H. L. Suydam b. same
Scott, John cl'k for S. S. Cobb h. Main st s Washington
Scott, T. president bank of Geneva h. Washington w Poultney
Springstead, B. W. ship carpenter h. Geneva n Castle
Stanley colonel U. S. A. h. Castle w Water
Swift, R. C. & Co. dealer in wood, coal &c. h. cor Castle & Linden
Swift, Charles constable h. Geneva n Castle
Swift, J. H. general U. S. A. h. Main st s of college
Swift, William lieutenant U. S. Navy h. Main st s College
Stoddard, H. B. captain U. S. Navy b. with Miss Stoddard Main st
Sawter, Fritz hosier Castle e Elm h. same
Steward, William cl'k at S. Prescotts's
Shimer, Isaac Co. with J. Price h. William w of Main st
Stevens, J. S. M. D. office Main st s Washington b. Franklin H.
Sanford, Amelia domestic with J. Smith
Seely, G. C. dealer in wood, hides &c; office cor Seneca and Water upstairs h. Genesee e Lewis
Scoon & Owen meat market Castle w Water
Scoon, John S. firm of Scoon & Owen b. at A. Scoon's
Scoon, Andrew carpenter and joiner h. Geneva n Castle
Sill, W. E. att'y at law; office at the Bank h. Main st. s College
Schermerhorn, Stephen
b. at Geneva H.
Simons, James gentleman h. Main st n College
Stebbins, J. H. M. D. at the Water Cure
Stockwell, Luth. General h. with Mrs. H. Daskam
Spendlove, Henry
h. cor Main st and North st
Stein, Nathan clothing store Seneca h. Genesee n Castle
Swan, O. Furnaceman for T. D. Burrall & Co. h. Lewis w of Water
Shulingbarger, L. K. fashionable barber; saloon Water foot of Seneca h. Elm n Castle
Sisson, William gardner h. Madison st n Hamilton st
Schuttz, Andrew miller b. with A. Lamb
Sackett, John H. carpenter h. cor of Grove and William
Shauhan, Robert beer pedlar h. cor Grove and William
Schell, H. C. insurance agent Seneca w Post Office h. William w Poultney
Shipman, Rev. J. Agent A. B. S. h. William e Grove
Shepherd, Thomas professor of music h. Washington e West
Stow, Joseph hatter h. Washington e West
Safford, Mary - wid of John
h. Genesee n Castle
Snelling, Henry laborer h. Main st n of Seneca st
Shelden, Warham
h. Washington e Grove
Stockwell, M. M. ornamental painter
Shook, John mason h. Hamilton w of Main st
Shaut, Charles blacksmith h. Castle w Poultney
Snyder, Richard dealer in all kinds of hardware; Water s Castle h. Water n Castle
Swab, David tin smith for C. B. Ackley h. Grove s High
Soverhill, J. M. supervisor for the town of Seneca b. with Isaac Platt
Suzey, Catherine (col) - wid of James
h. High e of West
Southwick, M. clerk in the Bank h. William st w of Poultney st
Saguine, W. H. carriage maker for M. Brundage b. M. House
Sigler, Mary - wid of David
h. William w Poultney
Semson, Robert
h. Genesee n North Park
Simpson, Rev. John
h. Genesee n Castle st
Sager, George teamster h. Jackson w Genesee
Silsbie, C. E.
h. Genesee n Jackson
Scritchell, William tin smith for W. E. Hays h. Genesee n Colt
Shannon, A. J. firm of Shannon & Atkins
Shannon, A. J.
h. Genesee s of North
Stanton, Jonathan laborer Main st. Kimber Block
Springstead, John
h. Hamilton w of Poultney
Siple, H. laborer rail road b. M. Brown's
Steer, A. clerk for A. D. Platt & Co. h. Poultney s William
Shield, Andrew miller steam mill b. at A. Loub's
Snow, Rev. J. M. E. Church h. William w Poultney
Stout, Aaron engineer h. Geneva n Castle st
Smith, Charles teamster h. w Catholic Church
Smith, Grace
b. with Charles Smith
Smith, Joshua boat captain b. at Lake House
Smith, Thomas Geneva Nursery b. with E. Smith
Smith, Peter laborer b. with O. Plase
Sperry, Alexander & Co. boot and shoe store Water foot of Seneca h. Tillman w Water
Suydam, H. L. bakery and eating saloon Water n Seneca h. Genesee st
Savage, H. clothing store Seneca st w of Post Office
Savage, Jesse boot, shoe and leather store Water n Seneca h. n e North Park
Shuygart, Sarah - wid of Nicholas
h. Water s of Lake st.
Stone, J. S. proprietor of R. R. Hotel Water
Sedgwick, William fancy dyer Seneca e Main
Severns, L. P. book-keeper Franklin House b. same
Southworth, Mrs. - wid of Dr. S.
Seneca e Main
Sinsebaugh, J. B. daguerreian artist Seneca st Wheat's block upstairs 3d story h. Grove w of William st
Stewart, John harness maker for R. Reed h. William w Main
Seymour, Alonzo American express agent Seneca No. 19; h. Main cor Centre Alley
Stagg, Howard general news office Seneca w Post Office h. Poultney 2 north William
Sheldon & Root druggists; store Seneca w Water No. 10
Stanard, Asa boat captain h. Main n Seneca
Stokes, William boatman b. at Lake House
Taylor, Samuel
No. 25 Park
Taylor, William in furnace of T. D. Burrall h. Lewis w Water
Taylor, A. - wid of Walter T.
h. Washington w Main
Taylor, Hugh classical teacher Washington b. with Mrs. W. T. Taylor
Taylor, George baker for H. L. Suydam h. Elm n of Colt
Taylor, D. C. carpenter for Smith & Gaylord h. William w of Grove
Taylor, Orrin carpenter h. Water n Castle
Tracey, Ellen - wid of Timothy
h. Main s Colt
Tompkins, Benjamin tin and hard-ware store Seneca w Water (south side) h. Lewis e North Park
Tompkins, Ira proprietor Tompkins House Water at R. Road w Depot
Tompkins, Vincent E. bar-keeper Mansion House b. same
Thompson, Edward (col)
h. Catharine s Castle
Thornton, Alexander domestic J. S. King's b. same
Teall, Charles laborer h. Water n Castle
Teall, G. C. P. grocery and provision store h. Water s Tillman w Water
Townsend, Rev. E. G. agent for A. B. society h. cor William and Poultney
Turck, Mary - wid of Abraham
h. Madison n Hamilton
Turck, Anthony
h. Washington e of West st
Teall, Nathan college student b. with G. C. P. Teall
Teall, George C. student Union school b. with G. C. P. Teall
Tryan, Mrs. Sarah
h. Water near Brewry
Tillman, John H. dealer in hard-ware Water cor. of Castle; h. 1st North
Turck, Charles stage driver h. Water s Seneca
Tharett, Joseph laborer h. Tillman w of Water
Tharett, Charles harness maker for R. Reed h. cor Castle and Catherine
Thomas, William boat captain b. Geneva H.
Twey, Patrick laborer P. Shimer's coal yard h. Linden n Seneca street
Telkurn, Jane - wid of Daniel
h. Milton w of Main st.
Towler, John L.L.D. prof. Mathematics Hobart College h. Main s Park e side
Tuttle, J. H. gentleman h. Main s College
Tillden, Seth tailor h. Jay w of Main st.

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