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Geneva NY Directory 1857-58 PQR
Packeral, John boatman h. n Rail Road Water st
Plufelder, Christian grocer Water n Castle h. same
Parker, Stephen H. editor Geneva Gazette h. Main st. n Colt
Parker, Giles Sen'r Mason h. Castle w Poultney
Parker, Ira grocer Water e cor Castle h. cor Castle & Poultney
Parker, John dealer in Oysters, Express Office h. s Seneca near Main st.
Parker, Giles Jr. mason h. Castle w Poultney
Parker, Edgar Printer Gazette Office b. with S. H. Parker
Palmer, James carpenter and joiner h. n Rail Road Water st.
Page, James D. meat market Water at Bridge h. Water n R. R.
Page, John M. confectioner No. 7 Seneca h. 52 William
Page, Grannis carpenter h. Water s rail road
Pakerson, college student b. at John Smiths'
Patridge, Bishop carpenter h. n rail road Water st.
Peck, Elijah boatman h. Castle w main st.
Pearsall, Thomas gentleman h. s College
Powers, Ira
h. Water n Castle
Prince, Axtell & Miller publishers store 22 Seneca st.
Prince, F. W. bookseller b. Franklin House
Prescott, Sarah bakery & grocery cor Main st & Seneca h. same
Prescott, Joel merchant Geneva near Castle Creek
Prescott, Ann - wid of Imley
h. Grove n William
Price, Joseph & Co. dealer in wood, coal and &c Bradford e Castle h. cor Genesee & Colt
Pierce, John blacksmith for Wm. Brundage h. cor Elm and Colt
Persons, Maria - wid of Soloman
h. Catharine s Castle
Persons, John laborer b. with Maria
Payne, John barkeeper Lake House b. same
Payne, John Sen'r gardner h. Poultney s Washington
Payne, John saloon Main st. s Washington h. Poultney n Hamilton
Plase, Orrin laborer h. cor Castle and Elm
Plase, William laborer b. with Orrin Plase
Platt, Isaac drug store cor. Castle and Water h. Geneva n Tillman
Platt, A. D. & Co. drug store No. 8 Seneca st.
Platt, Ananias of A. D. Platt & Co. h. Genesee e Jackson
Prouty, John S. dealer in hardware &c. Water n Seneca h. Main st. s medical college
Prouty & Chew dealers in hardware No. 11 Seneca st
Prouty, Phineas Jr.
b. with P. Prouty
Prouty, Phineas Sen'r
h. Main st s medical college
Prouty, H. C.
b. with John S. Prouty
Playford, E. shoemaker main st. e John
Phelps, John carpenter h. Poultney n Hamilton
Phelps, Andrew blacksmith for John Ide h. Water s Franklin
Porter, Rev. Steven
h. William w of Main st
Putnam, George student union school b. Washington st
Proctor, Isaac W. prop. of the New England H.; rail road first west of Depot
Pompella, J. college student b. with John Smith
Patterson, A. H. physician & surgeon; office and h Main st n e cor. Park
Potter, James laborer b. R. Reed's
Peyton, R.
h. e side Main st. s of the college
Pearce, Jane
h. Castle n Main st.
Prue, John (col)
h. Main st n Castle
Probasco, Charles cl'k for J. W. Baker h. Main st. n Jackson
Pike, Moses
h. commons n gas works
Pike, Jeremiah laborer h. Lake e Water
Peck, H. wagon maker for D. W. Beard b. same
Prince, Joseph laborer h. Hamilton w Main st
Peark, John
h. Poultney n Hamilton
Prichard, Rev. Edward C.
h. William No 22
Quiggins, L. jobber b. at Mrs. Suygart's
Quinn, Franklin ostler for Mrs. M. M. Dey b. same
Quick, Henry blacksmith h. Elm n Castle
Rainder, Patrick laborer h. Main st. n Castle
Ryan, J. boatman b. at John Oriel's
Rochur, John Michael
b. at the Mansion House
Rupson, Thompson blacksmith for T. D. Burrall & Co.
Rey, Eunice
h. Main n Park
Ramsey, Henry saloon and boarding house Ramsey's Block; Water n Franklin House h. No. ___ William st.
Randall, James steamboat agent b. Franklin House
Rafter, James laborer h. No. 27 William st.
Reed, Rodman saddle and harness shop s side Seneca h. cor William and Poultney
Reed, B. dentist Seneca; Wheat's block upstairs h. Genesee n of Castle
Reed, J. S. cl'k post office b with D. Reed; William st
Reed, David
h. William st
Reed, Rev. Thomas C.principal Walnut H. School h. same
Reed, F. G. baggage master b. Franklin House
Rogers, John medical student at Dr. Steven's b. with Mrs. Howe
Rogers, F. L. carpenter h. Poultney n Washington
Rogers, A. H. college student b. with F. L. Rogers
Rogers, Francis M. shoemaker for H. Denison b. at F. L. Rogers
Rogers, J. C. Dealer in grain, wool, &c cor Water and Seneca upstairs h. Poultney s Castle
Roach, Patrick grocer Water n Castle h. same
Roach, Michael mason h. Main n Park
Robbin, Russel
h. William w Poultney
Robinson, Samuel
h. Main st n Lewis
Robinson, Joseph street commissioner h. Main st n Lewis
Richardson, Rev. B. J. agent A. B. S. h. Poultney n William
Rupert, Philip H. cabinet maker for A. H. Barber h. Geneva n Castle
Richards, D. painter h. Lewis n Park
Rupert, George cooper Walnut Hill b. same
Rose, S. wagon maker Water s Franklin House h. Washington w Water
Rose, G. L. M. D. h. n corporation
Ryan, John laborer h. north rail road
Ryan, Michael
h. Water s Washington
Rundle college student boards at John Smith's
Ritterman, William college student b. at J. Smith's
Rodney, W. G. compiler Geneva Directory h. Washington w Water Cure
Rice, John L. forwarding merchant at Lake h. William w Grove
Richards, Allen harness shop Water n Castle h. same
Rose commission merchant h. William e Grove
Riley, John furnaceman for T. D. Burral h. Water n rail road
Roat, Augustus cl'k for Syracuse R. R. Co. No. __ Seneca
Roads, Zebriel boatman h. Lake e Bridge
Rosenthal, Benjamin clothing store Seneca King's block; b'ds Franklin House
Roberts, Palmer student Union School b. at Mrs. Colburn's; Castle st

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