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Geneva NY Directory 1857-58 MNO
Mandeville, M. H. firm of Franklin & Mandeville, prop'r of F. H. Meryhew James, cabinet-maker, Water n Castle h. Genesee n Lewis st
Melack, David
h. Milton w Castle
Mainharz, John tailor at B. Rosenthal's lives at Dr. Smith, Seneca street
Marsell, M. umbrella factory Water op. Tillman
Mary, Mrs. J. - wid of Peter
h. Castle e Elm
Maddaw, John laborer h. Water n R. Road
Merrill, George justice of the peace office Seneca e Main h. Castle e Main
Merrill & Fisher meat market Seneca e Main
Mead, Lewis boot and shoe store w Water n Seneca h. Castle w of Poultney
Mead, Austin boot and shoe dealer Water n of Seneca b. at Mrs. Judd's
Mead, W. H. & Co. boot and shoe store Water n Seneca h. Milton e Poultney
Mead, John harness maker for W. W. Watson h. Seneca e Main
Mead, Amos cordwainer Sperry & Co. h. Lewis w Elm
McConnell, Philip clothing store Water n Castle h. Tillman w of Water
McDermott, Michael laborer R. Road b. Mrs. Brophy
McGonnegal, H. W. tailor Seneca e Mansion House h. William w Poultney
McFeggan, George R. R. agent h. Lewis w Water
McCredie, Mrs. milliner Seneca e Main h. same
McClaren, Rev. D. C. pastor Association R. Church h. Main s Medical College
McLoud, William tin smith for J. C. Prouty b. at Geneva House
McClarren, Malcolm
b. with Rev. D. C. ; Seneca
McLoon, Patrick grocer cor of Water and Lake h. same
McDonald, James at T. D. Burrall & Co's b. at J. W. D. Noth's
McDonald, John at T. D. Burrall & Co's b. at James McDonald's; North
McNaughton, James carpenter Poultney s of Castle st
McKenny, K. laborer h. High e of West st.
McGow, Thomas waiter at Franklin h. William w Grove
McDugal, George carpenter h. William e West
McConnel, Ziba
b. with P. McConnel
McGregor, John morrocco dresser and fine tanner h. and factory Castle n Catharine
McQuiggin, Julia - wid of Mathew
h. at steam mill
Maley, John blacksmith for John Ide h. s Franklin House
Murphy, Patrick tallow chandler Water e D. Green's
Moore, H. G. late firm of Platt & Co. h. Castle at nw limit of corporation
Moore, Patrick brewer h. Water n Washington
Mowery, G. P. druggist store No. 10 Seneca st. h. No. 19 William w of Main
McDonough, James grocer Main s Seneca h. same
McBlain, Thomas cl'k for J. W. Smith & Co. b. J. Smith's
McKay, Miss Jennett milliner Seneca e Main b. same
McSurley, John porter Franklin House b. same
McPherson, Mrs. Margaret
h. Main n Castle
McDonald, John college student
Mann, William B. college student
Morse, Miss Nancy teacher private school b. W. W. Watson's
McNamara, F. mail carrier N.Y.C.R.R. h. w Water Cure
Mitchell, Robert with Mitchell & Hayward h. Genesee n Colt
Mitchell, J. A. cl'k for Mitchell & Hayward b. R. Mitchell's
McKen, William shoe shop e Washington h. Castle w Main
Mead, C. H. clerk for C. B. Ackley b. at R. Brunson's
Mead, Edgar shoemaker for L. Mead b. same
Moore, A. H. with A. D. Platt & Co. b. at Mrs. Howe's
Moses, Rev. J. R.
h. Main n of Lewis st
Mulligan, John laborer h. Main n Park
Malie laborer h. Water s North st.
Mabie, Daniel pattern maker h. Main n Castle st.
McGuire, James laborer R. Road h. Lake e village
Marshall, Rev. John (col)pedlar h. Lewis w Water
McKinney, B. distiller h. Castle e Main st.
Maxson, E. R. (m. b.)
h. Castle e of Main st.
Maxfield, James
b. with J. Blan
Maxwell, T. C. nursery h. Castle e N. Denton's
Moore, Ann - wid of Peter S. milliner &c. store on Seneca e Main h. same
Madden, John laborer h. n Rail Road
Morrison, John mason h. Main n e Park
Morrison, Betsey - wid of Samuel
h. Poultney e High
Morrison, Jane - wid of Clark
h. Castle w of Main st.
Merry, Wether D. (col)
h. Castle w Main st.
Metcalf, Kendrie Rev prof. of Greek and Latin Hobart College h. west side Park
Miller, Howard
h. Geneva s Lewis
Murry, Rev. J. C. agent A. A. B. S. h. Poultney n William
Messer, Rev. Asa
h. Poultney n William
McGary laborer h. Water n Rail Road
Mullin, Margaret - wid of John
h. William w Main st
Mullin, Miss Rebecca teacher b. with Mrs. Mullin
Mow, Thomas laborer h. Hamilton e Poultney
Morse, Daniel carpenter b. Geneva House
Mallett, George carpenter h. Hamilton n Poultney
McClasky, D. D. carpenter h. cor of William and Poultney
Morse, Mary - wid of John
h. Poultney n William
McKay, George moulder for Dunning & Tillman h. Castle w Poultney
McCoy, George laborer h. Main st n Castle
McGrain, Patrick
h. Water n Rail Road
McGrain, Thomas
h. Water n Rail Road
Nares, James butcher h. Water e Lake
Nares, George cutter for H. Savage2 b. with Mrs. N. Nares Main st.
Nares, Nancy - wid of Francis
h. Main st. s Washington
Nelson, Optan grocer n Castle;h. Tillman e Geneva
Nelson, David harness maker No. 18 Water b. with R. Nelson
Nicholas, Major G. L.
h. Jay w of Main st.
Nicholas, George W. att'y at law h. Jay w of Main st
Nicholas, R. R.
b. with G. W. Nicholas
Newton, J. shoemaker h. Water n Rail Road
Nuiter, John shoemaker Water e Rail Road
Nevins, Thomas grocer cor Water and Burrall h. same
Newton, Thomas boatman b. with W. H. Dox
Nanin, John laborer h. n Gass Works
Nicholas, Thomas fisherman b. Clinton House
Newell, L. dentist Seneca No. __ R. Genesee n Colt
Newell, Thomas laborer h. Main n. Castle
Normile, J. shoemaker for Mitchell & Hayward h. Elm s of Lewis
Nicholas, Thomas foreman for H. Savage h. Genesee n Castle
Ogden, William M. college student
Ostrander, John proprietor of Lake House
Ostrander, David with J. Ostrander
Ostrander, Benjamin carpenter and joiner h. Water n Rail Road
Ostrander, Clement
b. Lake House
Ostrander, Benjamin 2d boat captain b Lake House
Olds, Caleb boat captain h. Castle w Elm
Olds, Henry raftsman b. Lake House
Olds, Mrs.
h. Lake n e Canal
O'Neil, John grocer &c. Water n Castle h. same
Orman, William fish pedlar h. Lake n e Canal
Orman, James
b. with William
O'Riley, Patrick gentleman's saloon Main st. n Washington b John Burns
Owen, Moris grocer Lake e Water
Owen, W. A. of O. Scoon meat market Castle w Water b. with James Green
Owen, A. L. tailor h. Water n Castle
Owen, T. L. carpenter h. Tillman w Water
Oday, Edward carpenter h. Water e Washington
Olary, Catharine
h. North w of Water st

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