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Geneva NY Directory 1857-58 IJKL
Ireland, John tailor for Kent h. Poultney w Washington st
Ide, John blacksmith s Franklin h. n R. R.
Ireland, Mrs. M. boarding house Main n John
Impson, Emeline - wid of Joseph dressmaker boards at Mrs. Howe's
Ireton, John laborer at T. R. Lambert's Main n Park
Ingraham, Benjamin laborer h. Castle w Elm
Jackson, Miss Sarah Milliner Seneca e Main h. same
Jeffers, Oliver boot-maker for Mitch. & Ha. h. Water s turnpike
Jennings, Plinny carpenter and joiner b with Mrs. Sarah Powning
Johnson, William tailor for Rosenthal h. Main s Dr. Stevens
Jones, W. H. Printer office Geneva Courier; b Mansion House
Judd, Sarah H. - wid of Elijah boarding house Water s R. Road e side
Judd, Levi J. mason h. Castle w Main st
Judd, E. J.
at the Water Cure
Judd, Otis G. Printer Geneva Gazette b. Mansion House
Jole, John blacksmith Water s Franklin h. Main n R. Road
Judson, William clothing store Water n Seneca h. Main s Seneca
Jackson, Isaac P. cl'k for Isaac Platt & Co. h. William w of Grove
Jackson, Samuel (col) waiter at Franklin House h. High e of West st.
Judd, Lorenzo mason h. William e Grove
Jones, Samuel firm of Ford & Jones h. Bradford e Water st
Johnson, William editor Geneva Courier h. Elm n Castle
Johnson, Joseph wagon maker Washington w Main h. same
Johnson, Stephen (col) boat captain b. Lake Hotel
Johnson, Edward (col) cartman h. Catharine s Castle
Jackson, Mrs. - wid of William
h. e Main
Jeffrey, Jason head porter at the Canandaigua Hotel; h. High w of Poultney
Jeffrey, Augustus teacher Union branch school b. with Jason Jeffrey
Juptha, Anthony (col) teamster h. Jay w Main
Joslin, John laborer R. R. h. Water n Rail Road
Kent, Enos clothing store Seneca e Main h. William w Main
Kenfield, S. D. watch repairer for A. B. Hall b. at Mr. Howard's cor of Castle and Main sts
Krebbs, Christian cabinet maker h. cor Washington & Grove
King, Jesse laborer h. High e Grove
Kipp, Nicholas N. carpenter and joiner h. Genesee n Castle
Kipp Nicholas machinest h. Grove n Lewis
Kinney, James laborer h. Castle w Main
Klube, Augustus harness-maker h. Water n Castle
Kohn, H. book-keeper at Rosenthal & Co. b. at Mansion House
King, Henry cartman h. cor of Tillman & Water
Keho, James book-keeper h. Elm n Castle
King, John S. gentleman h. Poultney n William
Knight, Richard grocery store Lake at canal h. one door west
Kinny, Rev. S. C. agent A B. Society h. Castle e Poultney
Kinny, Garrett (col) laborer h. High e West
Kinny, George (col) cartman h. High cor West
Karmichael, Mrs. H.
h. Main cor Hamilton
Kimber, Lois - wid of Dr. William
H. Main s Castle
Kallahan, Daniel laborer h. Main n Johns
Kallahan, James laborer h. w of High
Kanahan, Thomas laborer h. Center w Water
Knight, William boat captain b. with R. Knight
Kingsland, Edward music store Main s Park h. same
Kellogg, Rev. J. H. pastor of the Methodist E Church h. Geneva e of Tillman
Kelly, Jennett - wid of Luther
h. William e Poultney
Kellogg, Samuel carpenter h. Washington e Grove
Kipp, Henry D. sash and blind maker s steam mill h. cor Washington and Madison
Langdon, A. W. gentleman h. St. Clair w Main
Lewis, Thomas
h. Main s Castle
Linken, Peter (col) waiter Dr. Stevens
Linken, George cartman Genesee s North
Loub, Adam at steam mill h. Poultney n Hamilton
Law, Thomas laborer h. Lake county line
Lamont, Charles boat builder h. Water s Seneca
Lawrence, R. H. insurance agent &c. office Seneca h. s Water Cure 2d door
Lake, M. widow h. Lake n e canal
Lake, George
b with Mrs. Lake
Lary, L. W. gentleman h. William w Poultney
Laverry, James engineer h. Poultney n Castle
Leeman, W. G. house and sign painter Seneca e Main h. Castle w of Linden
Lee, college student b at John Smith's
Lee, Sophia - wid
Water n Castle
Leonard, A. G. grocer Water n Castle h. same
Lambert, T. R. wholesale and retail grocer Seneca e of Linden h. No. 11 William
Lathrop, W. G. painter h. Castle w of Main
Lary, Robert
h. Washington w of Main
Lamphier, John cooper for W. Hill b. same
Ludlow, W. shoemaker for J. Savage h. Poultney s Washington
Lewis, Joseph S. P. M. b Franklin House
Lewis, J. S. & Colvin livery s Franklin House
Loomis, James ostler Mansion House b same
Lang, Adam furnaceman for Dunning & Tillman h. Castle w Water
Lyman, Margaret gents and ladies saloon corner of Seneca and Main upstairs
Loveless, L. S. Printer at Geneva Ledger office h. cor Seneca & Main upstairs
Lowthorp, Thomas
h. Bank Alley w Park
Lowthorp, S. grocer Main s Medical College
Love, James painter h. Washington w Poultney
Lamport, Bishop tin smith for C. B. Ackley h. Elm s Lewis
Love, Samuel gardner h. Poultney s Washington
Lybolt, Lucy - wid of Charles
b'd with Mrs. Daskam

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