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Geneva NY Directory 1857-58 EFGH
Evered, John engine tender for Dunning & co. h. Castle w Main st.
Earls, James farmer Hamilton w Poultney St
Eddington, W. F. S. dentist Seneca e King's Block
Eddington, John shoemaker h. Poultney n Hamilton st.
Easterbrook, M. model builder h. and shop Washington w of Madison st
Easterbrook, Mathew S. gardner and saw-filer h. Elm n Castle
Everett, Charles machinist for Dunning & Tillman h. Castle w of Main
Elmore, Ann - wid of William
h. Main s Seneca
Elmendorf, Mrs. - wife of Truman
h. Lee's Alley w Water
Elliotto, A. teacher of dancing h. Main w Castle
Earl, Calvin chair maker for Shannon & Atkins h. Geneva s High
Everett, Rev. Ebenezer agent for A. B. society h. 24 William st.
Everett, George teacher union school b. with Rev. E. Everett
Eggliston, H. coach painter h. Jackson n R. R.
Easter, Sarah - wid of Rev. John
h. Lewis e Main
Finnigin, James painter h. Grove n William
Flagherty, Edward boiler-maker for Dunning & Tillman h. Water s Franklin House
Franklin, H. L. of firm of Mandeville & Franklin prop'rs of the Franklin House Water foot of Seneca st.
Flowers, David sash and blind-maker s Castle Castle w of Linden
Fleming, Amos marble factory Water s Lake h. Water s Tillman
Fisher, Joseph grocer Lake e of Water
Featherly, F. B. bowling alley and saloon Water s R. R.
French, William cl'k for J. W. Baker h. Main s Seneca
French, Charles H. match factory h. and shop Lewis w Tompkin's house
Frinck, John clothing store Water s. Castle h. Geneva st
Ford & Jones dealers in Lumber &c.; yard s. w. of F & Jones' h. 21 William
Fuller, Horace dealer in horses &c. h. Water n R. Road
Folger, Charles J. counsellor at Law office Seneca e. Linden h. Main s Washington
Freshour, Henry carriage-maker h. and shop n of R. Road Water st.
Freshour, Solomon wagon-maker h. and shop Water n R. R.
Fowle, William K. editor Geneva Ledger office King's Block h. Geneva n Castle
Flinn, Adaline - wid of Samuel
h. Castle e Main st
Fisher, Charles shoemaker shop and h. Castle e Main
Frela, Peter forwarding merchant Lake h. Castle e Linden
Furnan, Robert cooper h. Castle w Elm st.
Fuller, John student at college b'ds John Smith
Field, Liza - wid of Seth
h. s of Water Cure
French, John hostler for Lewis & Colvin h. Main n. Seneca
Foot, Samuel A. mem. assembly h. Hamilton R. Hill
Fitz, Thomas blacksmith for Dunning & Tillman h. Lewis w Water st.
Fox, William engineer steam boat h. Elm n Castle
Ford, L. W. dealer in lumber; firm of Ford & Jones h. No. 21 William st.
Fish, Rev. M.
h. William w of Poultney
Fisher, George (col) butcher h. William w. Grove
Farrington, S. baker bd's at E. D. Gage's
Gardner, Samuel silver-plater No. 3 Tillman's block;bd's Wm. Gardner's
Gilbert, David boat captain h. Catharine s Castle
Gaten, John (col) whitewasher h. Lewis e Main
Gasper, Joel grocer cor. of Castle & Main h. same
Gasper, George clerk for Joel Gasper b'ds with same
Gardner, William gunsmith &c. h. and shop Poultney n Hamilton
Garrison, George boat captain h. Geneva n Castle
Gaten, Thomas (col) butcher h. Poultney s Castle st
Garrett, Revan laborer h. Water n R. Road
Garrett, William N. butcher for J. D. Page h. Water n R. Road
Gardner, John machinist h. Grove n Washington
Gaylord, Philotis firm of J. W. Smith & Co. h. Grove n Washington
Gaharo, Bridget - wid of William
h. Grove s Washington st.
Gaton, George (col) laborer h. Catharine s Castle
Gillam, Philip (col)
with P. Gillam jr.
Gillam, Philip jr. (col) laborer h. High e West st.
Gilbert, Samuel farmer h. Bradford
Gilbert, David
h. Catharine s Castle
Gilbert, William dealer in grain, pork, &c. h. Main no Castle
Gilbert, Morris J. clerk for H. Ramsey
Gillam, H. Tobacconist; firm of Guiles & Co. Fayette st
Giles, George tobacco factory Seneca w of Water h. Main n Park
Gage, E. D. canal collector h. Water n R. Road
Glanville, John teamster b'ds with J. Butterfield
Glanville, Richard foreman for Sperry & Co. h. Genesee n of Castle st
Glanville, student at union school b'ds at Mrs. Colburn's
Giffin, George shoemaker for Sperry & Co. h. Water n R. Road
Gore, Michael laborer h. rear Catholic church
Gulic, W. C. moulder for Burrall & Co. h. John w Water st.
Gabriel, Mrs. Mary M.
b'ds at Mrs. Dey's
Groham, Mrs. J. A.
h. Poultney n Hamilton
Gahart, John cartman for R. Swift & Co. b'ds Mrs. Stotenburg's
Grey, Joshua shoe store Main s Seneca h. Castle w Main
Grey, Calvin S. M. D. office and h. Main w Seneca st.
Grey, Lyman shoe-maker for J. Grey boards with same
Grey, Charles shoemaker for P. McConnell h. William w Main
Green, Daniel grocer Water s Castle h. same
Green, James meat market Water s Castle st h. Genesee n of Castle st
Green, Thomas grocer Water s Castle h. Geneva n Castle st.
Green, Patrick with James G. b'ds with same
Green, David calker h. Water n R. Road
Green, Charles calker b'ds with David Green
Graves, Seth painter h. Castle w Main st
Glanville, Henry
b'ds with Amasa Mead
Greene, John daguerrean artist Seneca (north side) upstairs h. Genesee n of Castle
Haight, Daniel clerk for J. A. Black h. Elm n Colt
Huett, William laborer for J. Price h. Main s Seneca Bliss Block upstairs
Hall, Abraham B. clock and watch repairer and jewelry store Water n of Seneca2 h. same
Hall, Almira - wid of Sanford R.
h. Genesee n Castle
Hayes, Sophia
h. Castle w of Main
Hayes, W. E. tin and stove dealer Seneca e of Main h. Castle e of Poultney
Hasting, H. commission merchant Seneca w Water h. Johns cor of Genesee
Hand, Moses blacksmith Lake e of Water h. Tillman w of Water
Hazlett, Thomas cordwainer for H. Denison boards with same
Hall, David S. clerk in the Bank h. near s. Park
Hale, Rev. Benjamin D. D. President Hob't College h. Main e of the College
Hayward, firm of Mitch. and Hayward h. Genesee n Lewis
Hart, Jas. firm of Williams & Hart Main s Seneca st
Hogarth, John S. tailor h. Poultney s Washington st
Hemiup, G. W. grocer cor Seneca and Water h. Castle w of Main
Hemiup, Alexander with G. W. & Co. b'ds with same
Hemiup, Chas. chair-maker Castle w Water; h. Geneva w of Castle st
Hemiup, John
h. Main s the Bank
Hipple, George clothing store Water n. Seneca h. Genesee n of Lewis st
Hale, David steward Water Cure b'ds at same
Haas, Charles
h. Jay s Poultney
Haas, Richard carpenter for Smith & Gaylord h. Madison s Washington
Hardy, John (col) laborer h. Main rear Baxter's Bl.
Hardy, S. (col) laborer h. West w of High
Harvey, H. G. cl'k for G. P. Mowrey h. Main n of Castle
Hand, Timothy laborer h. Castle w of Main
Hanes, Mary laundress h. Water Lee's Alley
Hawks, George ferryman h. Washington e. Main
Halzer, Nicholas marble engraver for A. Fleming
Hessen's, L. grocer Water n of Castle st
Hatch, Richard tailor for N. Stein h. Genesee
Hart, James firm of Hart & Williams grocery Main s. Seneca
Hemiup, Charles cordwainer h. Main s Seneca
Hevelance, A. wagon-maker Water s. Franklin House h. Geneva s Tillman
Hermans, W. G. cap and hat store Wheat's Block Seneca e Main b'ds at Mrs. Hamlis' Main
Hennson, Thomas blacksmith Washington w of the Water Cure h. same
Heath, Thomas laborer b'ds at Mrs. Brophy's R. R.
Hemiup, Alexander cl'k for G. W. b'ds with same
Hemiup, S. - wid of Anthony
h. Main s of the Bank
Hallman, J. cl'k for H. Tillman h. Genesee n of Castle st
Hallman, Daniel book-keeper for J. W. Smith h. Genesee n of Castle st.
Hyatt, Joseph pilot on steamboat Canedasaga h. Washington n. Castle
Hyatt, Seymour capt. boat Canadasaga Water n. R. R.
Higgins, Daniel grocer n R. Road h. same
Higgins, Patrick cartman h. Water n R. R.
Horton, George M. att'y and justice of the peace office Seneca n Franklin House (Ramsey's block) b. Water Cure n 47
How, Jane boarding-house Main s of Seneca st
Hood, H. A. carpenter h. Castle w of Main
Herrick, W. G. proprietor of steam mill h. Main s Hamilton
Hibbard, Rev. E. H.
h. Main s Washington
Hilzhold, shoe-maker house and shop Water n Castle
Hollingshead, Thomas hat and cap store Seneca e of Main h. the same
Hurd, E. H. att'y at law office Seneca e Main h. William w Poultney
Hewitt, Samuel lumberman for Fox & Jones h. Castle w of Main
Hudson, David counsellor at law office and h. e cor of Park
Hudson, William grocer Water No. 18 h. same
Hudson, S. H. works for Burrall h. Water n R. R.
Hughes, Miss Sarah
h. Main s. Washington
Holley, J. H. gentleman h. Main n College
Hill, William cooper Water s Franklin House h. Main near Pk.
Hillhouse, Thomas
h. Main s College
Henry, Rev. C. S. D. D. h. s College w side
Hall, Isaac gentleman h. s of Trinity church Main st
Hewes, Bridget laundress b. with Owen Cassey
Hutchinson, Susan - wid of William
b. with Mrs. E. Hall
Hamlin, Mrs. E. boarding-house Main s Seneca
Holmes, Samuel
h. Lake e Water st

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