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Geneva NY Directory 1857-58 A-B
Ackerman, Rachel - wid of Abraham
h. Main, n of Seneca
Ackley, C. B. dealer in Hardware, Castle, w of Water h. Castle w Main
Ackley, John cl'k for C. B. Ackley h. Geneva, n Castle
Adriance C. W. store 24 Seneca h. cor Poulteny and Milton
Alcock, John
residence Water, s. Washington
Alabaster, John Brewer h. Lake shore
Alabaster, Isaac with Mitchell & Haywood h. Castle, w Poultny
Alcock, Ann - wid of William
Water, s of Washington
Alcock, George at J. W. Smith & Co.'s h. Geneva, n Castle
Allise, Edward P.
b. with W. W. Watson
Allen, G. C. carpenter and joiner h. Main, n Castle
Allen, Joseph carpenter h. Grove near Washington
Allen, George W. Barber and Hair-dresser; shop on Water h. Elm n of Castle
Alsop, Thomas const.h. Water n of R. Road
Ambrose, John grocery Lake st e of Water
Anderson, John carpenter h. Lewis w Water
Anderson, George W. clerk for H. Savage
Anderson, Miss E.
Franklin House
Andrews, L. H. boiler maker h. Genesee n Castle
Annen, Mrs. dress-maker h. Elm n Castle
Anthony, S. P. ornamental painter h. William near Poultny
Ash, W. dealer in poultry h. Castle w Main
Atkins & Shannon chair factory Castle w Water
Atkins, Theodore P. Castle w Water h. No. 27 William
Avery, Jerome P., M. D. office No. 7 Linden Hall
Bement, John
h. Main s Trinity Church
Bennett, George cl'k for J. W. Smith h. s Park
Bennett, Daniel carpenter and joiner boards at Tompkins Hotel
Bennett, William la. h. William w Grove
Bennett, Henry la. h. William w Poultny
Betts, John W. boarding house Main s Washington
Bissell, Rev. W. A. H. Rector of Trinity Church h. e side Main s Washington
Black, John A. dry goods 16 Seneca h. John w Geneva
Black, Jane - wid of John
h. Washington near cemetery
Black, Elizabeth
h. Castle w Water
Bland, John (col) whitewasher h. High w Grove
Bland, John (col) lab.h. High e. West
Bland, Mary (col)
h. High w Grove
Blanchard, Thomas butcher h. Elm n Castle
Blodget, J. W. cl'k for S. S. Cobb
Boyd, Rev. J.
h. Main s Hamilton
Bortyum, Joseph carpenter h. cor. Hamilton and Main
Bogardus, Richard (col) music teacher h. William e Pultney
Bowman, Jasper baker for H. S. Suydam h. Castle w Poultney
Bogert, James
h. Main s. Washington
Bodle, Sollon tailor for H. Savage h. Elm s Lewis
Bourn, William carpenter and sexton of St. Peter's chapel h. Genesee s Lewis
Bourn, Jane - wid of John
h. Geneva w Lewis
Bours, Peter
h. Washington w Main
Bradford, Hon J. M. Ex-Judge Ont. co. h. Main s Washington e side
Bridge, Miss Hannah
h. Main n of College
Brown, Mathias
h. Water Cure
Brown, Richard
h. Water s Lake
Brown, Hannah - wid of John
h. Geneva n Tillman
Brown, John S. (col) whitewasher h. High e West
Brown, William (col) hackman h. Castle e Main
Baird, D. W. carriage factory Castel w Water h. south side w Water
Baldwin, Harvey college student b'ds Mrs. Inglesant's Water Cure
Barber, Asa II sexton Pres. ch. and Undertaker for corporation h. and shop Main near Park
Baylie, Thomas
h. Main s William
Baylie, wid of John
h. Main s William
Barber, Warren pattern-maker at Dunning & Tillmans h. Jackson w Genesee
Barber, William Undertaker h. 28 William
Barker, Abigail - wid of William
h. Hamilton w Main
Barker, Eliza - wid of Abram
h. Poultney n William
Barker, Charles college student boards at J. Smith's
Barker, William carpenter and joiner h Pultney s Castle
Barkley, George
h. Genesee n Lewis
Bartlet, Buel II
h. Geneva st e side
Bare, Samuel shoemaker for Mitchell & Hayward h. Poultney n Hamilton
Backenstose, John
h. Main s Park
Baker, J. W. dealer in groceries, drugs, & etc Castle w Water h. Geneva n Castle
Baker, Charlotte (col) laundress h. Elm n Castle
Barnard & Van Deren dealers in watches, jewelry etc 6 Seneca
Barnard, Edward jeweller h. Castle w Main
Bailey, A. T. carpenter h. Tillman w Water
Baldwin S. Att'y at Law; office over Bayard and Van Deren's
Barnes, Miss E.
at Smith's boarding-house Main
Barnes, Edward cl'k for W. A. Dorsey
Barlow, James boiler-maker h. Genesee s North
Bates, Myron at S. S. Cobb's b Franklin House
Balis, Thomas
h. Madison s Washington
Beattie, Joseph M. D. office and h. Main s Park
Beattie, Mrs. W. milliner Seneca e Main h. same
Beach, Wm. R. shoemaker for J. Savage
Beach, R. B. boot-maker for J. Savage h. Geneva n Castle
Beach, Elias cabinet-maker, turnpike n R. Road
Beach, Jacob L. cabinet-maker h. Seneca e Main
Bean, William tailor h. and shop w side Park
Bean, John E. attorney and counsellor at law; office Ramsey's block upstairs h. Catherine w Castle
Beals, Wm grafter h. William w Grove
Becker, Vrooman
h. Genesee cor North
Bedell, Ambrose chair-maker for Atkins & Shannon h. Jackson w Lewis
Bell, A. L. tailor for G. Hipple h. Lewis w Water
Berke, H. carriage-maker for D. W. Baird h. Castle w Geneva
Bellgrave, Mrs. - wid of Jacob
h. Main s Washington
Bradley, Charles brick-layer h Main n Castle
Bradley, Patrick lab.h. Center w Water
Brophy, Edward tin-smith Beg'n P. Tompkins boards at Mrs. Joan Brophy's
Brundage, William carriage-maker corner Main and Milton h. Milton w Main
Brundage, James wagon-maker h. Castle w Main
Bruce, Louisa - wid of Arthur
h. Washington w Poultney
Brainard, Louis carpenter h. Water s Washington
Bradt, Anthony
h. Water s Castle
Breemer, J. F. baker h. and shop Water s Lake
Brewer, J. S. M. D. King's block upstairs h. Geneva, n Castle
Brady, Charles lab.h. North w Water
Brunson, Robert brick-layer h. Poultney s of Castle
Bullard, Ira S. boiler-maker h. Poultney n William
Burgan, Francis shoe-maker for J. Savage h. Water s Washington
Butcher, Samuel prop'r Clinton House on Lake n c Water
Butcher, John boatman h. Water, n R R
Burrall, Thomas D. proprietor of Burrall Foundry Water s R R h. Main s Washington
Burrall, Edward with T. D. Burrall
Burrall, E. J. Foundry of T. D. Burrall & Co. h. Genesee c John
Burrall, William with T. D. Burrall
Burt, James lab.h. Lewis w R. R.
Burt, John lab.boards with E. Bradley
Butterfield, William constable h. Water s Tillman
Butterfield, James
h. Water n R. R.
Butterfield, Richard express agent Seneca w Water h Water s R. R.
Bunn, Wm. gardner h. Pultney s Jay
Bunza, Charles carpenter and cabinet maker for Smith & Co. h. William w Grove
Burns, Rev. Nicholas pastor Catholic church Water near R. R.
Burns, John grocery Main n Washington h. the same
Burk, Patrick laborer h. Main w Washington st.
Bryan, Patrick shoemaker for John Wallis boards with same

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